With 25 years experience in Electrical Engineering, 15 years in RF communication, 11 years in Aerospace and 6 years with UAVs, John brings experience to help you close the RF link in your next project.

Past efforts include:

  • Complete analysis of a 1,100 mile VHF multiple hop digital relay from Georgia to Maine.  Analysis includes terrain obstacles based on SRTM elevation data.
  • Design of 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz radio systems for a DARPA project featuring Freewave 115 kbps modems and custom antennas for small VTOL UAV.
  • Design of command and video RF links for NASA Wallops Island project featuring VTOL UAV and ground station components.
  • Design of 2400 MHz radio system featuring Microhard Spectra series of Ethernet modems and custom antennas.

Current projects:

  • Ridge diffraction study of VHF propagation in support of volunteer communications for trail horse riding event.
  • Study of equipping a small winged UAV with 137 and 300 MHz downward beam antenna system.